Feedback from initial use

Hello! I recently used Physlogger and found everything working great for my use-case. I did have some UI feedback which is hopefully useful.

The fullscreen mode
I found myself looking for an easy way to get out of the program/switch between different tasks on my PC but it was a bit counter-intuitive for me. I realise that this design decision goes in hand with Physlogger’s ‘gamifying’ philosophy, and I can see this being useful behaviour especially in, say, dedicated lab computers for K-12 level labs. However I feel like it’d be better if the program could behave more like a normal Windows application in certain cases. Maybe we can have an option in settings to switch b/w fullscreen and window modes?

Iconography vs. text
Physlogger is great with UI in certain ways, like not bombarding the user with tens of options at any given time, and instead presenting with a couple of icons at any given time. However, as a beginner I found myself wanting to see some text/descriptors along with the icons, as it wasn’t always immediately clear what the icons do/lead to.

Large notifications
At certain times very large notifications would pop up and take up a lot of screen real-estate. Maybe we can scale these back a bit?

Too gamey?
This one might be down to personal preference, but I feel like the software treads a file line between sleek and child-like, often treading into the child-like territory. While easy to use, I wished at times that it were less ‘bubbly’, that text and dialogue were a bit smaller, and that the sound effects were a lot less brief and informative. Maybe we can have different skins?

Thank you for the wonderful work you continue to do.