Features Requests/Wishlist

Kindly share your ideas about the features that you would like to add in PhysLogger here.

Request No. 1.

This is a great initiative. Here are a few suggestions for now (will soon expand!):

  1. Can we make all widgets like Sliders clickable in the soft quantities panel too? We could indicate the limits of the slider int he window that opens

  2. The ability to move a widget to another page (and not just move across on the same one) when we click on Edit Layout.

  3. Binary operating widgets display the units of the quantities that we are combining, if not of the product. Or they could use the default units instead of the SI units (e.g., when temperature is operated, it does so in kelvin).

Points 1 and 2 are readily doable. 3, however, won’t be fixed soon.