Feedback and Improvements -- Jan 2022

  1. Control > Voltage >>> Slider > Crashes
  2. Overlapping of icons in Widgets. Screenshot attached:
  3. Explore > Template > Temperature Oscillations > Crashes
  4. Voltage, Current, and Power channels need to be renames, e.g., V_A, I_A, P_A, V_B, I_B, P_B, V_C, and V_D Screenshot Attached:
  5. Saving a column in data table causes a crash:


Can you reproduce the problems and submit the crash report with ref to this post?

Noted down the rest of them. Will update when fixed

Fixed in V12.

It’s very hard to reproduce at the moment. I’m adding a mechanism that will record the required information we need to diagnose the cause. It may happen again in V12 but will be solved in V13 and above.

It’s happening because the template was created in an older version of PhysLogger. I’m removing the template from the server. Kindly create a new one with the current build (V11+) of PhysLogger and submit it again.

Fixed in V12.

Fixed in V12.

Thank you for getting back on everything. I’ll recreate the template.