Feedback PhysLogger Desktop on the Alpha

As I worked on an arterial measurement system

  1. When I intend to save data or record data and create a table, I need to put labels to the icons BEFORE the head.
  2. When I save a photo (even for the first time), I do not know whether the capturing is complete and where is the data saved. We need a function similar to the Tables area where one is allowed to open the captured photo in Windows Explorer.
  3. When I resume a session, units of the quantities are not preserved. They stick to the default value.
  4. Saving and opening templates is currently in a mess. Needs massive improvement. For example, I was not able to open a saved templated, either “community template” or a “user template”. When a “user template” is created, we need to see an affirmative alert. Can we call these templated canvases?
  5. We also need the option to upload an image from the user’s drive as a template icon.
  6. Suppose I am in the middle of the session. I want to create an altogether new session. There seems to be currently no possibility of doing that, besides perhaps removing existing quantities and adding new ones.
  7. If I start PhysLogger and Do Measure-> Voltage A→ then Voltage B, all works fine. However, if I now add a Pressure Measurement (PhysBar), I always get an “unhandled exception” and everything just comes to a standstill.
  8. When I record (future) data, it asks for the time. That’s good. When I save (past) data, doesn’t ask for the time. Could we add the time feature for Save as well please?
  9. Sometimes the PhysBar just goes awry in the middle of a session. I have to restart PhysBar then by connecting-disconnecting. Couldn’t find a pattern to this. Though it didn’t bring a lot of anguish.
  10. The record/save options puts a unit “m” (milli) for the quantities. This means that importing
    in a third party software would require an extra step. Don’t know how easy it is to rectify
    this at the moment. Should be straightforward. Maybe keep the numerical formal as
    “scientific notation” in default setting?
    Overall, I had a pleasurable experience today after my day long interaction with the system and
    reconfirms my belief that we have created an excellent platform here that can revolutionize.
    Kudos to Umar Hassan and his wonderful team. Below is a screenshot of some arterial
    oscillations we were able to capture. I am going to create a new experiment out of this for Lab

of the table.

Added a label below the icons. In order to change the title, however, one needs to click on the icon and do it manually from the quantity editor.

Added popup notification throughout the app on data and screen shot save events.

The units are preserved. Its only the LivePlots widget that disregards the selected units. Fixed now though.

Added some message interactive messages. The templates are working though.


The save routine is working now. In fact, Added a whole workspace save/load option in the main options menu.

Indirect fix added. Should work now. Kindly let me know if it doesn’t.

Working on it. Will need some time.

Working on it. Will need some time.

This won’t be solved anytime soon. It has to do with how PhysLogger works and needs some root level corrections/Modifications.