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The PhysLogger forum is open for everyone whether you are a student, educator, scientist, contributor, or developer. It is a place where you may ask questions or provide feedback about the PhysLogger, PhysInstruments, and other standalone instruments; provide tips for using these products to the community; get help from other users and PhysLab technicians on all of the above; and engage in many other useful discussions!

Getting started

How to participate in the forum?

  • Ensure that you have an account on the forum and are logged in.

  • Before making a new post, ensure that a post on a similar topic does not already exist. To do so, search the forum for the keywords of the post you intend to make.

  • If a post of a particular theme already exists, and you’d like to add to the discussion, contribute to the thread by clicking on Reply. If no such post already exists, proceed to the next step.

  • However, if you are unable to find the related topic, click on + New Topic to create a new post while on the main page or in any category.

  • In the New Post window, remember to specify the relevant category, topic, and tags.

  • When adding your post, please use appropriate tags to keep the forum in an organized structure and helping others in finding their required posts easily and with less time effort.

For instance, while facing any problem with the PhysTherm, you first need to create a post, write a suitable subject and in the optional tags box, specify troubleshooting.

How to post?

  • Create topics and posts related to science, technology, education and give feedback about our tools. Help us stick to the focus of this forum!

  • Choose the most relevant category for your topics. It helps other forum visitors to find and contribute to your topic. If there is a category already created related to your topic, use that thread to avoid the forum from unnecessary clutter.

  • Create posts that are related to the question or discussion, and avoid no-content posts.

  • Create clear and concise topic subjects and posts. Include only important URLs and attachments. ONLY POST RELEVANT QUESTIONS.

  • Do not include any personal information in the topics or in their replies.

  • Be respectful of others’ opinions. You may wish to respond by disagreeing but please stay polite and maintain good and professional behavior.

Where to post feedback, errors, and troubleshooting ?

In all the main categories, the troubleshooting section has been created. This is the section which you can use if you are having any issues or want to give suggestions about the PhysLogger, Physinstruments, and the experiments.

Ensure that you read the following guidelines before posting your queries:

  • Post your problem in the relevant category. In other words, if you are having any trouble with the instrument, go to the specified category from the main page and post your query in the troubleshooting section.

  • Make sure to use the proper headings and bullet points while posting your problem.

  • While discussing your problem, be as descriptive as possible. Preferably, add a screenshot if you are having a software error or attach the picture of the instrument if there is any hardware-related problem for evidence. This way we may examine your problem in the best possible way and respond quickly.

  • Troubleshooting guides in the relevant sections should be the prime concern else, share your problem with us by replying to the post.

For instance, while performing the experiment of latent heat of vaporization nitrogen, if you are confronted with the problem in the PhysWatt, kindly let us know your issue in the troubleshooting topic of the PhysWatt (i.e., PhysInstruments > PhysWatt > Troubleshooting).

Similarly, if you identify certain areas of improvement in the procedure or in the objectives of the experiment, share them with us in the Troubleshooting category of that experiment (.i.e. Experiment > Latent heat of vaporization of liquid nitrogen > Troubleshooting).

Got new ideas?

If you have any new ideas, then the Ideas section is for you. This is the place where you can share them and get feedback from the experts of the PhysLab team.

Privacy and Rules

Follow the above-mentioned policies to help keep this site a place for helpful, engaging, and insightful discussions. By participating in this forum, you agree to follow our terms and conditions. For more information, read all of our community guidelines.

If you see someone violating these conditions and creating the problem, flag them. Strict action will be taken against them that may even lead to their account removal from the forum.

Our moderators will also be monitoring all activities on the forum, and any user found to be posting spam content or attachments or misbehaving with other contributors can be banned without notice.