PhysBell - A Preview

A user friendly instrument to detect, measure and display sound waveforms with a high frequency response.

Equipped with a calibrated microphone, PhysBell allows the continuous display and measurements of sound waveforms and noise levels. Frequencies up to 8 kHz can be detected and captured. PhysBell also features an audio jack that allows any microphone or speaker to be attached and extended into precise locations, allowing a rapid qualitative detection of sound intensities. With a fast response time, PhysBell can be used to detect collisions and investigate the mechanics of objects.


  • Frequency response: > 8 kHz
  • Calibrated microphone included
  • 3.5 mm audio cable jack included
  • PhysInstrument Class: Analog
  • Connects with PhysLogger

Typical Applications

  • Condition monitoring of machines
  • Regulate safe noise levels in workplaces and apartments
  • Accurately time collisions and bounces
  • Explore the Doppler effect
  • Investigate interferences, beats, and resonance