PhysCloud - A Preview

A remarkable yet easy to use instrument to enable remote logging and control of PhysLogger system.

With PhysCloud attached to PhysLogger, one sets up the workspace just like any other application. The major difference it brings is the ability to interact with the workspace from a web browser. Not just that, one can view animated live plots, download the latest data, and take screenshots right from the browser window, on the go. In a nutshell, PhysCloud, a simple device, makes most important functions of the PhysLogger system accessible from the internet enabling one to create autonomous remote logging and control systems.

Typical Applications

  • Environment monitoring
  • Wireless automation
  • Incubators and animal farm condition monitoring and control
  • PhysWatt – Control voltage, current and power
  • Program, monitor, and supply CC/CV and CP signals at the click of a few buttons!