PhysGate - A Preview

An ultimate IR-based tool to measure interruptions with a fast response time.

PhysGate is the ultimate tool to record how an object appears and disappears with time. It is an infrared (IR)-based photogate that directly interfaces with PhysLogger to detect and plot any beam obstruction. With a response time as fast as 1 µs, it finds its application in reading optical encoders as well. This means that one can hook up PhysGate with a rotating optical encoder and using an interactive software wizard, start measuring the rotational speed in just a few, simple clicks.

A lego exterior provides robust mounting of the PhysGate to fit a range of user-defined orientations and applications. Works like a charm!


  • IR-based obstruction sensor
  • High sensitivity to even semi-transparent medium
  • Compact and adaptable to various installments
  • Photogate width: 4.5 cm
  • Less than 1 µs response time
  • Hot pluggable
  • Lego casing and bracket
  • PhysInstrument class: Analog
  • Connects with PhysLogger

You can get the PDF version of the brochure by clicking on this link.