PhysHall - A Preview

A highly sensitive, low cost, and versatile instrument to measure magnetic fields

The PhysHall is a compact sensor that utilizes the Hall effect and a GaAs sensor at the tip of its probe to accurately detect and measure a magnetic field. The high sensitivity, low cost, and versatility make PhysHall the ideal instrument for all magnetism measurements in laboratories, industries, and research work! Your own Gaussmeter in a shoestring budget!


  • Resolution:
    • 50 G in ± 1.5T
    • 5 G in ± 1.0 T
    • 0.5 G ± 100 mT
  • Range: ± 2.0 T
  • High sensitivity GaAs sensor
  • 90° rotatable PLA based probe
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Hot pluggable
  • Lego casing
  • PhysInstrument class: Analog
  • Connects with PhysLogger

Typical Applications

  • Magnetic field of single or Helmholtz Coils
  • Dynamical investigation of the magnetic field varies with the angle of the field
  • Pair with a V-Probe to investigate Faraday’s Law
  • Terrestrial magnetic fields

You can get the PDF version of the brochure by clicking on this link.