PhysHivolt - A Preview

A DC high voltage supply with a wide and user-adjustable range

PhysHivolt a DC high voltage supply with a user-adjustable range of 0-25kV. It is designed to be used in electro-spinning, electro-spraying, and other applications where a static voltage or a low power source is required. The supply has been tuned for minimal electromagnetic noise, resistance against short circuit,s and tolerance against overloading.


• Safe and reliable DC voltage source
• output power of up to 20W at 30kV
• Overload and short circuit protection
• Digital voltage display


• Electrospinning and electrospraying
• High voltage for avalanche photodetectors
• Plasma generation

Parts included:

• High voltage supply
• Power cords with earth connections
• Fixed length high voltage wire

You can get the PDF version of the brochure by clicking on this link.