PhysTherm - A Preview

A highly accurate instrument to measure temperature with fast response.

Qosain Scientific PhysTherm measures temperatures in a range as wide as -260 °C to 750 °C with a fast response and notable accuracy. It comes with a screw terminal connector that ensures support for a variety of K-type thermocouples. Simply hold the thermocouple probe in the environment of your choice, and using a guided software wizard, start visualizing and recording temperature in no time. PhysTherm also utilizes an in-built cold junction compensation scheme which adds to the utility, making temperature measurement fast, reliable, and as easy as the word “go”!


  • Accurate temperature logging and plotting in real-time
  • Compatible with K-type thermocouples
  • Automatic cold junction compensation
  • Range: -260 °C to 750 °C
  • Resolution:
    • < 1 °C for -260 to 750 °C
    • < 1°C for -260 to 200 °C
    • < 0.02 °C for -20 to 20 °C
  • Hot pluggable
  • Lego casing and bracket
  • PhysInstrument class: Analog
  • Connects with PhysLogger

Typical Applications

  • Temperature measurements in any science lab or the outdoors
  • Monitoring temperature of perishable items
  • Temperature profiling of the human body
  • Warming up of cryogenics
  • Model the behavior of the thermistor
  • The baffling Mpemba effect

You can get the PDF version of the brochure by clicking on this link.