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Symptom/Error Possible Reason(s) Solution
1. Pumping/ Process cannot be started.
2. Port could not be opened.
3. Both the raster and pump are stuck midways.
1. System was reset internally.
2. HV power was turned on after launching the software.
Close the software application and relaunch it
Raster movement is out of bounds. The width or height of the desired raster pattern is set very high. Adjust the dimensions of raster movement to be lower than the maximum translation ranges of X and Y stage. Refer to Table 4.2.
Software indicates that pumping is in progress but the motor/plunger is stationary. 1. The set flow rate is very high.
2. The syringe is blocked.
1. Reduce the flow rate.
2. Clean or replace the clogged needle and syringe. Refer to Section 1.1.
Pump is working but raster pattern is stuck midways. Raster speed is set very high. Refer to Figure 4.1.
Electric sparking between substrate and main stage. None or very thin insulation layer between the metallic substrate and main stage. Place an insulation of at least 2 mm thickness between the metal substrate and main stage.

Table 4.3: Troubleshooting of common errors in the ESS system.

Pump and Raster Heater HV Repair Action
Working Working Not working Check and replace HV Fuse if blown.
Working Not working Working Heater is burnt. Request a replacement from QS.
Not Working Working Working Faulty components. Request a replacement of system from QS.
Not Working Not Working Not Working Proceed in the following sequence:
1. Check that the Emergency Button is released.
2. Check if HV fuse has blown.
3. Check if Main Fuse has blown.
4. Request replacement from QS.

Table 4.4 : Repair and maintenance actions according to which hardware components are malfunctioning.