User Manual and Other Documents

a. Datasheet [click to download] (358.8 KB)
b. Block Diagram (640.1 KB)
c. Connectors schematic and Pinout (587.8 KB)
d. Schematic voltage regulation.pdf (584.3 KB)
e. Schematic input amplifier (549.9 KB)
f. Schematic output amplifier (532.8 KB)
g. Schematic Instrument Host Bus Driver (505.8 KB)
h. Schematic Led’s (583.9 KB)
i. PCB Top (2.0 MB)
j. PCB Bottom (946.7 KB)
k. PCB Inner 1 (731.3 KB)
l. PCB Inner 2 (727.9 KB)
m. Fabrication and QC Manual (1.9 MB)
n. Application Note: Crash reporting (539.0 KB)
o. Testing the Analog and Digital Channels of PhysLogger (604.4 KB)
p. Physlogger desktop app installing guide (726.3 KB)
q. Physloger Quick start guide (341.3 KB)
r. PhysLogger Installation and Quick Start Manual (370.2 KB)
s. Complete Dossier