User Manual and Other Documents

a. Datasheet [click to download] (643.4 KB)
b. Block Diagram.pdf (511.3 KB)
c. Schematic.pdf (732.9 KB)
d. Front Panel PCB’s (751.8 KB)
e. Main PCB’s (1.1 MB)
f. Application Note: Verification of Malus’ Law using PhysLock (107.1 KB)
g. PhysLock research note: An Entry Level Low-cost Lock-in Amplifier (1.1 MB)
h. Complete Dossier

A lock-in amplifier is a device used to recover weak oscillating signals buried in overwhelming noise. The basic working principle of a lock-in amplifier is phase sensitive detection where an oscillating reference signal of frequency fo is multiplied with the input signal that has been modulated at fo and then passed through a low-pass filter.

In this manual, a simple, entry level low-cost, stand-alone lock-in amplifier, called PhysLock is described. You can get the pdf version of the manual by clicking on the link provided below: